10 Blogs Worth Reading

In recognition of the amazing commentary and analysis from dozens of blogs that I visit every week in the areas of politics, society, and culture, and with Frugal Dad as my inspiration, I am proud to announce a new weekly series.

Beginning with this post, and continuing every Saturday, I will highlight 10 blogs and their entries from that week that force me to think, smile, and reflect on the issues that matter most to me and that motivate me to continue blogging.

Maybe you’ll like what these other bloggers have to say, too…

  • Searching for LinkedIn Groups? Now You Can Finally! I recently discovered Jason’s blog about LinkedIn and added it to not just my RSS reader but also my browser bookmark folder. Good stuff here and helpful to my job search. @ I’m on LinkedIn – Now What?
  • 10 Secrets to Better Blogging. From content betterment to cross-promotion, his secrets can easily be migrated to a freelance writer. Speaking of which, do any freelancers not have a blog? @ Chris Brogan
  • Old Ethics and New Media. Are newspaper journalists crossing the line by arming themselves with video cameras in addition to steno pads? Does a video carry more weight than a written report? Judging by 40+ comments so far by media executives, it’s an issue that needs consensus. @ Media Nation
  • Overthrow the Tyranny of Elected Congressmen. If a person is elected to office on behalf of a social organization, should the person be only able to vote on issues the organization supports? It’s an interesting concept. @ Beyond Red & Blue
  • A Second Blow to Tobacco Appeal. If I understand this legal summary, tobacco firms’ usage of “light” cigarettes are not factually accurate to an FTC litmus test. In any case, I expect Phillip Morris and others to shell out mucho moolah to settle cases and pay off grumbling smokers who feel cheated. @ SCOTUSblog
  • Will Wind Power Work? I hope so. Wind is cleaner than coal and other fossil fuels. Here in Newburyport, a local businessman recently received permission to build the city’s first wind turbine. A zoning ordinance was created for this purpose and with the expectation (and hope) future wind turbine projects will arise. @ Gov Gab
  • Social Media and Passive Racism. I’ve come to enjoy recent posts by the Profy bloggers. I’m skeptical on this post, though, whether online chat one-liners carry enough weight to meet courtesy and etiquette or if their superficiality is supposed be just that. @ Profy.com
  • Institutional Memory. Gillian asks, “Are community activists who are fairly recent transplants truly acting for the community or fulfilling their own agenda?” The former, by far! @ Port Reporter Unlimited
  • The New FISA Law and the Misleading Media Coverage of it. I agree that the American media (I don’t know about foreign wires) failed to cover all of the issues &mdash and I’m by no means a FISA expert. Orin raises even more (libertarian) issues here and is worthy of a read. @ The Volokh Conspiracy
  • A Moment of Unplugged Zen Poolside. I agree with Mark that it is important to take time during a vacation to distance oneself from technology. I vacationed in the Berkshires last week and, while I was online here and there, WiFi service was sporadic and cellular signals were impenetrable at the mountain resort.